I need a name that could come from Carol. Do you like Carys?
2006-11-18 22:35:37 UTC
My mother-in-law's name is Carol and we would like to honor her with naming our daughter after her. But we want it to be a little bit different than hers. If you don't like Carys, any other suggestions?
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2006-11-18 22:41:40 UTC
I agree with you that Carol is a name that is a little outdated but still a beautiful name.

Maybe if you like Carolynn that sounds a little more modern because of the lynn. Or you can throw a name you like in there and nickname her. I dont know how you like to be with your names, I like original names. Check out this website, maybe it will help.

They have stuff like random renamers, and things like that you can play around with. Maybe you'll find a name you like. Good luck and congratulations!
2006-11-19 11:17:23 UTC
Carys is cute.

In my opinion I would consider:






How about Carol as a middle name?

Madison Carol

Emily Carol

Summer Carol

Lilliane Carol
Mexi Poff
2006-11-19 02:27:07 UTC
What about Carla or Coral? Sorry, I don't like Carys because it sounds like Marice, which is pretty outdated and all I can think of is Frasier... Anyway... you could also use Carol as her middle name or hyphenate it with a name that compliments it. For example... Carol-Anna. Actually, I REALLY like CORAL because it has all the letters in CAROL. It would be a cute and original way to honor your mother-in-law because their names would be perfect anagrams of each others names... like puzzles!!! So cute... Good luck!!!
2006-11-19 00:03:37 UTC
Oh, I like Carolyn much better, or Caralie, or Coraline, or something. Carys will be difficult to pronounce and might get her teased. Or you could use something else for her first name, and make Carol the middle name.

Some other suggestions, for middle or first to go with it:

Anastasia, Aislinn, Cecilia, Natalya, Emilie, Lillian, Vivian, Alcyone, Aramina, Annice, Skylar, Jessabelle, Calliope, Lessa, Mercedes, Dierdre, Rosalind, Abigail, Eleanor, Lilith, Anya, Fiona, Guinevere, Genevieve, Delia, Delilah, Lilith, Cordelia, Lorelei, Evelyn, Anneliese, Quinn, Rowan, Lyta, Lilyana, Erin, Brianna, Vaneris
2006-11-18 22:40:56 UTC
Carin, Carroll, Caryn, Ceryn, Caryann, Carlann, Carole, Carsten, Carstine
2006-11-19 01:36:59 UTC
I love Carys. I like Carly and Carla too
2006-11-20 13:44:08 UTC
Ya Carys is good
2006-11-18 22:44:18 UTC
What about Caroline? Carly would be cute too. You could always use Carol as a middle name also.
2006-11-18 23:58:36 UTC
Charis pronouned Carys means "grace" I love the name!

I also like Caroline pronounced "Caro - line"
2006-11-18 23:20:59 UTC
Carolina, Carey, Caryn, Carolynn! I do like Cary though!!
2006-11-18 23:40:20 UTC
How about Ceryin (Quer-in) it has a different ring to it like a q sound for the beginning.

I think the name that you pciked out is cute to! Nice to see you honor your mother-in-law! Good luck!
2006-11-19 00:51:54 UTC
How about Carolyn

or Caylin (pronounced: KAY-LYNN)

***Don't really like Carys.
2006-11-18 23:32:07 UTC
love the name Carys... cute for a little girl... elegant for a woman
2006-11-19 00:09:23 UTC
Carlie-Kolar-Corrin (Car-Lie)-(Cole-ar)-Core-in)

I like these names and if you look them up you could find that the meaning is very similar to Carol! Hope this helps:)
2006-11-18 23:13:18 UTC
Cara,Carolyn,Cari,Carli,and if u need more,go to
2006-11-18 22:53:37 UTC

Carlyn,Carrie or Caroline.

I like Carys but not sure how to pronounce it.
2016-12-29 10:13:39 UTC
this is not Care-iss, this is Ca-riss, with a short a valid like in cat. i think of this is eye-catching, very mushy and rather and woman, the form of brand call that stands proud without shouting approximately it - in case you pronounce it suitable. in case you choose for a attractiveness stated greater like the type you choose for it, attempt Cerys.
2006-11-18 22:42:56 UTC
Yes, I do like that name
2006-11-19 00:47:00 UTC
carys is good
the coolest person♥
2006-11-19 12:15:29 UTC
i was think more of Carrie or Carollyn, caroline, carolynn, *carinne*, caren, carolinea
kangwa l
2006-11-19 06:50:29 UTC
i'm thinking carolyn its very nice
2006-11-19 04:35:53 UTC
summer ♥
2006-11-18 23:16:47 UTC





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