What are your favorite names & why do you like them?
2011-07-13 19:52:04 UTC
What are your top 3-5 names for each gender and why do you like them? Explaining will get a better chance at best answer. You can use just a first name or your combinations, whatever you please!

:) Thanks!
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мσσкιє ツ
2011-07-13 22:52:45 UTC
The middle names really just depend on how many kids I end up deciding to have, because all my middle name choices have different levels of importance. ;) So here are the first names:

Karina - A variation of my mother's name, Karen. My mother raised me on her own and worked two jobs while finishing her college degree when I was younger. She's such a wonderful, wonderful person and I love her so much. <3

Genevieve - I love longer names, and the way Genevieve just flows off the tongue. I use the English pronunciation, but the French one is gorgeous as well (ZHAN-vee-ehv; with zhan being halfway between a z and a j. So hard to put into writing!) It also lends itself to the nickname Eva, which also has a connection to my mom. She wanted to name me Evangeline "Eva" after the little girl in Uncle Tom's Cabin, but my older siblings talked her out of it. She still loves the name Eva. I'd love to honor her by using it. (I used to have Evangeline itself on my list, but being a non-believer, it'd be more than a tad awkward with the Evangelical connections.)

Eloise - I don't particularly know *why* I love this name, I just do. I don't really like Louise or Louisa, but Eloise is just gorgeous. Perhaps because the -wheeze- sound isn't as prominent? I like the nickname options here as well - Elle, Ela, Elo, Ellie, Lola. Such a strong, feminine name.

Mary - I love Mary's simplicity and feminine beauty. She's not as popular as most people think she is, although she was one of the most popular (if not *the* most popular) name of the 20th century. The leagues upon leagues of variations (and thus, nicknames) is astounding. It also has a connection to my own middle name, Maria. I'd use Molly as a nickname for Mary, if I were to use one (still on the fence about that)!

Rosemary - I normally don't place name smushes that high up on my list, but Rosemary the exception to that rule! The nicknames, the images, the feelings of warmth that Rosemary generates are all just amazing. My favorite nickname for Rosemary is Romy.

Leo - I really do not think this will ever, ever leave my list. I love Leo, always liked it, but just within the past couple years as I realize how much my grandfather has done for me has this name become all the more special to me. My grandfather's name is Leonard. He's the best grandpa I could ask for, and I would really love to honor him.

John - The epitome of masculine charm, in my opinion. Strong, without being in-your-face CRUSHKILLHUNT manly like other names (ahem, Hunter!). John is after my idol, John Lennon, and my great-grandfather John. I also just like John for being John. ;) Jack is the nickname of choice for me.

Adrian - Masculine, handsome, and romantic all in one! I love Adrian. This is probably the most handsome-sounding out of all of my names. I love the nickname Ari, too. I can't really say much more for Adrian other than I love it!

River - I would say this is a guilty pleasure, but honestly, I'm not guilty at all in my love for River. I like a lot of nature names (such as Rosemary!) but River really just stands out to me. Soft and handsome. The lack of nicknames doesn't bother me. I also know a pretty awesome mother with a son named River.

Theodore - Almost certainly unusable for me (my nickname of choice would be Theo, which absolutely does not work with Leo), but oh how I love it anyway. It's a sort of bookish name, if names can even have qualities like that! Sweet, charming, and a lovely name.

I love all of your names so much, especially Evangeline Carys and Theodore Asher (swoon!!!!)
2011-07-14 03:12:07 UTC

Dallas--As a child, my favorite book was The Outsiders. There was a character, Dallas Winston, that really stuck out to me. Obviously he wasn't really a good guy but I've always associated with masculine and strong after that.

Oliver, nn 'Ollie'--There's something about the nickname Ollie that I LOVE. It just sounds like a carefree boy, yet he can grow with the name Oliver.

Zachary--Some people think that this name is overused but I love it regardless. Once again, I think it's a cute yet strong and masculine name.

John--John is a family name. My grandfather and great grandfather were both named John. Also, I am a big-time Johnny Cash fan.

Benjamin--Benjamin is such a cute name that fits a baby/child as well as a grown man


Delilah--Delilah sounds feminine and delicate. Also, there are possibilities of nicknames, such as Lilah that are just as cute.

Liliana--I've always loved the name Lily, it's such a cute name for a little girl. I know someone who named their daughter Liliana and I've loved it ever since. It's a name she could grow with.

Reagan--It's a name that's cute and not too over-the-top trendy.

Eleanor--I've always bounced back and forth with this name. A lot of people do not like it because it's too old-fashioned but I love it. As a child she could be called 'Elle' or "Ella' and grow into her full name. This was my maternal grandmother's name
2011-07-14 03:11:59 UTC

Hannah Kaitlyn This is my oldest daughter's name I have always liked Hannah before it became so popular... I like the name for a couple of reasons, just the sound of it, but also Hannah in the Bible had such a great testimony, also, I had a hard time getting pregnant with her so there is some sentimental thoughts there Kaitlyn means pure... and there is nothing more pure than and innocent baby

Kathryn Grace I have three daughters and have yet to be able to use this name... Kathryn also meaning pure, and I also think of all the royalty in the past whose names were Kathryn/Katherine... Grace.... God's Grace

Sarah Elise/Elisabeth Sarah means princess, I know it is a very common name, but i still think it is just beautiful! Elise is a variant of Elisabeth/Elizabeth but it makes it unique

Also, my other two daughters names are Allison Olivia and Sabrina Elise :)

Boys names:

Nathan Luke just strong and masculine!

Daniel Cole Daniel, again from the Bible, and I also just like the name... I also like Danny/Dan for the nicknames :)

Joseph Daniel Again, the Bible for both of the names... but I do just really like them!

I don't have any boys, so I have never been able to use these names :( and if I did have a boy it would named after my husband... Julian Delma... I dont' really like the name but it means a lot to him and it has been in the family for 3 generations already.. it has great sentimental value to him.

Good luck!!!
2011-07-15 02:02:19 UTC

Gabrielle Scarlett -- I've always thought Gabrielle was such a pretty name ever since I was a little girl. Scarlett is a name that has had a lot of meaningful associations in my life; I am very dear to Scarlett O'Hara, The Scarlet Letter, and Scarlett Johansson.

Amaris Braelyn -- I love how Amaris means "promised by God." I know a lot of people will hate me for loving "tacky" Braelyn, and usually names like this are too "tryndy" for my style, HOWEVER I can't help myself for thinking it is very pretty. I've loved this name ever since I've heard it, and I think Braelyn adds a lot of quirk and fun to Amaris.

Annabel Claire -- Annabel just has this wonderful old-fashioned charm. I am totally sticking to the spelling Annabel because this name was inspired by the poem "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allen Poe, which I adore completely. Claire has a timeless style and I love the meaning, "clear." I also love to play Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy on the piano...I love playing piano and that song has brought me hope through tough times. And, on top of all of that, Claire is the first name of one of my best friends!


Anthony Emmett -- Anthony has a timeless style, and I love how it means "praiseworthy." I also love the nickname Tony. Additionally, a good friend of mine is named Anthony. To be completely honest, I will admit that I had never heard the name Emmett until I read Twilight...*rolls eyes*...:) But, I immediately fell in love with the character, and the old time stately style of the name Emmett.

Adrian Carter -- I like Adrian because it sounds enough like my name, Adina, so I feel like a part of me is within him, but not too much like my name so he doesn't have an identity...if that makes any sense at all. There is English in my family and I like the English feel that Carter emits.

Zachary Aedan -- I have ALWAYS thought Zachary was such a handsome name and I adore the nickname Zach. I like Aedan because it's a wonderful name, but it is the correct no one can attack me for tagging along with the -ayden trend :)
2011-07-14 03:13:03 UTC

Elizabeth Rose- To me it's timeless and I'm a huge fan of Titanic, so that's where Rose came from.

Rachel Katherine- Rachel is one of the newer of my fave names, I just think it's pretty and not too common. I'm not too attached to Katherine though, I can't think of a better middle names for Rachel

Autumn Marie- My mom's and my name both start with an A, so I wanted to continue that, plus Autumn is unique and eloquent. Marie goes super well with it.


Luke Daniel- I've always been a fan of Luke. Luke and Daniel are some of my favorite people in the Bible.

Lincoln Charles- Charles is a family name. It's my grandpa's, dad's, and older brother's first name and my little brother's middle name. I first heard of Lincoln for a first name from the show "Prison Break", which I LOVE, and just sorta liked it. My family seems too also, it's a very strong name.

Joel Isaiah- I love both for a first name, so I wouldn't mind switching them around, the Bible has pretty poetic names.

So, ya :)
2011-07-14 02:59:52 UTC
Vincent- I heard it used in a movie, it's just strong and masculine, very handsome. Vince and Vinny would be fun nicknames too. My fiance is Italian so it fits his heritage, I also LOVE Vince Vaughn, and this name means victory which is good! :D

Gavin- Always loved this name, its very different and also handsome, my name starts with a G so I might like it cause of that too :D It means white hawk warrior which I love.

Ethan- I know this name is so popular but it is for a reason! Again it's just strong and handsome it also ages wonderfully seems like a good name to carry on. It means strong.

Hallie (like Halle Berry)- I adore H names this one is my favorite. I have a clear picture of of someone with this name I even wrote a book with this being the characters name :) I also love it cause it means Thinking of the sea, and I have a strong connection to the ocean.

Isabel- Fell in love with this when I first heard it in my Spanish class like 10 years ago! Funny thing is i HATE Isabella...this one is so simple and beautiful and feminine!

Chloe- This is a more recent one...I was seriously hiking up a mountain near my house and this name just HIT me...I never even thought about it before. It's cute and simple and definitely something I'd use (i think it sounds very fashionable and i'm very into fashion), it means blooming which I love too.

Hope I didn't bore you, what are yours? :)
♦Dalmatian Appreciation♦
2011-07-14 03:06:25 UTC
Top 3 for a girl:

Luella Renee - I have always loved the name Luella ever since I heard it nearly 5 years ago. Renee is my middle name, and feel it flows with Luella. If I ever decided to change MN, it'd be to Esme, my grandmothers' name.

Erin Matilda - I find Erin to be a short, sweet girly name. Middle name Matilda because I'm Australian, and Waltzing Matilda is a very Aussie song. They flow well together IMO.

Adrienne Jade - I like this name for really no particular reason other than I like the way it looks.


Levi Christopher - I've loved the name Levi for as long as I can remember, and Christopher is my husbands' middle name. The MN isn't set in stone, I also like Everett with Levi too.

Dominic Everett - I find Dominic to be a strong boys name. Again the MN isn't set in stone, but I like how they flow together.

I really only have 2 top boy favourites.
2011-07-14 03:20:59 UTC
Top 3 for girls:

Isabella Marie : I love how many nicknames you can give Isabella . & Its such a mature name. Also, My mommom & sister have the middle name Marie so it fits well :)

Mia Ann: My mothers middle name is Ann & i don't know why but Mia seems so simple yet elegant.

Camille Rose : My mommoms name was rosemary & I am Italian :)

Top three names for boys :

Top three for boys:

Reese Lee : I've always liked the name . It seems so tough :) & my fathers middle name is Lee.v

Matthew William : I enjoy the bold name Matthew & Would love calling him Matty :)

Stephen Michael : I have a brother named Michael & Was in love with steve from full house when I was younger!!
2011-07-14 02:57:57 UTC
Top 3 for a girl:

Willow Faith, my favorite tree is the weeping willow and i love how it sounds :)

Hazel Elise, I just absolutely love the name and like it because I don't knwo anyone with the name and I like uncommon names

Loretta Lynn, I love the singer and the way the name goes together :)

Another choice for a girl of mine would be Indiana Grace

Top 3 for a boy:

Gideon Sky, I like the ring of it, and how it's uncommon

Andrew Jackson, I have a cousin with the name, and I've always loves the name Andrew

Jacob Lee, i could call him Jake (:
2011-07-14 10:08:11 UTC

Isobel Mary -- I always loved this name but only knew of it spelt Isabelle, which looked too frilly for my liking. It wasn't until I came on here that I saw this spelling of Isobel which, to me, looks much more sophisticated and elegant. I love the sound of Isobel and how it sounds young and fresh, but also has a really elegant feel to it as well. Mary sounds very vintage to me, and I much prefer it to the popular Marie. It's soft and sweet but there's also something quite quirky about it. As a Christian, the name also has importance to me as well.

Alice Iona -- I just think Alice is a beautiful name. It's really soft sounding but it also packs a punch too. Iona is in memory of someone who was close to the family, and is after the Church she became a part of (The Iona Methodist Church). I didn't like her first or middle name that much, so I chose Iona instead, as that was very close to this dear woman's heart.

Madeleine Ivy -- Madeleine is just a stunning name. It looks elegant and classy just by it's spelling, but it's got a beautiful pronunciation too. Ivy is in memory of my Great Granny, to whom I was really close to. I also find it a very vintage and quirky sounding name.


Lucas Andrew -- From the first minute I heard this name I fell in love with it. It sounds strong, handsome and very masculine and would age well. I also adore the name Luke, but as I don't like Luke as a standalone name to have it as a nickname for Lucas works well for me. Andrew is in memroy of my Dad who died when I was 5. I've always wanted to honour him.

Zachary Thomas -- Both names are Biblical, which I'm very big on. Together they sound strong and handsome. I also love the meaning of the name Zachary (God has Remembered) because, as a Christian, it makes me believe that God always fulfill's his promises and that he never forgets. The name Thomas is after a friend I'm really close to.

Benjamin Paul -- Again, two very Biblical names. Benjamin is just a very strong and handsome name that I've always loved. The name Paul is after someone too.


2011-07-14 05:07:49 UTC
My Fav. Names ~

Girls ~

♀ Cleo Poppy Annabelle: Love Poppy, and Cleo and Annabelle

goes great with it. Poppy is so sweet, and so cute.

♀ Esme Giovanna Caprice: I think the reason I live this is because

of Esme and Giovanna. I love French and Italian names.

♀ Leah Audrey Caitlin: I like this because of Cathryn Damon, she

did play Mary in "Soap." Her middle name is Lee, so I just switched

it up.

♀ Lucie Noemie Simone: I chose this because Lucie is so sweet, and

Noemie is a French name, and I love French names.

♀ Eleanor Rebecca Lily: I just like it, the combo is nice, so I put it on

my list.

♀ Elizabeth Ruby Calla: Love Ruby, and Elizabeth and Calla goes great

with it.

♀ Suri Jane Madeleine: I love Suri, it is a Japanese name, and that's the

language I am trying to learn. I chose Madeleine because it is French, and

Jane goes great with both names.

♀ Susannah Emilie Cecile: Chose this name because of the French names

Emilie and Cecile, and I think Susannah is so cute.

♀ Vera Jean Monet: Do I really have to explain why I chose this name. I mean

it's ohh, la, la!!

♀ Zoe Alice Sofia: I love the name Zoe, and Sofia, it is Italian, which I love.

Boys ~

♂ Asa Nicholas George: Love Asa, it's Japanese. And Nicholas and George

does seem to complete this name.

♂ Ciaran Antonio Roman: Love the Irish name Ciaran, and Roman, they are

both so cute.

♂ Elijah Matthew Kai: Love Kai, and Elijah and Matthew go great with it.

♂ Jack Oliver Finley: Is it just me, or does this name sound Irish? Oh well, I

actually love all three of these names, and think they make a great combo.

♂ Julian Sebastian Rocco: Love Julian, and Sebastian. The name Rocco fits.

♂ Micah Nathaniel James: Love Micah, it sounds so exotic, and I chose

James because it is my grandpa's name.

♂ Milo Lochlan Gabriel: I chose Milo because it's too cute, and I chose Lochlan

because it's Australian.

♂ Noel Benjamin Isaac: I chose Noel because it's Christmasy, and the whole

combo makes sense.

♂ Rowan Delaney Sean: I chose this because of Delaney, it's very unique.

♂ Zachary Joseph Russell: I chose this because it is an all around good combo.
2011-07-15 17:58:17 UTC
3 Girls; Alyssa Marie, Aubree Morgan, Sydney Michelle

The "m" middle names are just a family trait. We all have "m" middle names. And the first names are just so cute i found them on a baby name website.

3 Boys; Gavin Matthew, Tyler Michael, Tristan Malachi

Again the "m" middle names are a must. And the first names are just so cute i found them on a baby name website.

Love, Haley!
2011-07-14 03:00:51 UTC

♦ Ezra Jackson: I love the name Ezra so freaking much. It's whimsical without being too girly on a boy. It's strong and the "ra" ending makes it very handsome and masculine. Jackson complements it perfectly, because it's a little more modern. I just love this combo- it's reserved for my first son :)

♦ Gabriel August: I've liked the name Gabriel for the longest time. I've always found it quite sexy :). August is such a fun & vintage name that is both professional and light hearted. Together it makes a very strong combination.

♦ Tristan Alexander: I love Tristan because I love the story of Tristan & Isolde. It's such a romantic name! I also like Alexander because it's an ageless name. A popular one, too, and one that doesn't get on my nerves :P


♦ Violet Josephine: Violet is my all time favorite girl name. It's feminine, without being in-your-face girly. It's vintage and whimsical, which I love in a name. I get very positive vibes off of this name. I love Josephine because it's an unsuspecting choice. It goes splendidly with Violet. Plus, I like the way it looks. This name is reserved for my first daughter :)

♦ Alice Ramona: I love Alice because of Alice in Wonderland. Instantly, it's whimsical to me. I think it's great for a little girl, a teenager, and a grown woman. Ramona adds a little spunk & rock to the frilliness of Alice.

♦ Luella Kate: Luella is just darling. It makes me think of my grandma, whom all the grandkids call "Grandma Lulu." It's so whimsical and lovely, and fits it with all my other names. Kate is a favorite middle name of mine. It's not dusty like Katherine, but fresh and modern. Kate Middleton is also an idol of mine.

Those are my favorite names & why I love them! :)
Lilly Mae
2011-07-14 03:03:29 UTC

1. Alana Massie- Because my dad's name was Alan and he want fishing at masseys ditch.

2. Rian Paige- Because I think boys name are cute for girls and I love the name Paige (:

3. Sophia Milani- Its just really pretty and flows really nice.

4. Ava Mae- Ava is a very pretty name and I had a friend named May

5. Avery Ann- Avery is a cute name and Ann is my mothers middle name.


1. Kaden James- I LOVE the name Kaden and its flows.

2. Kaleb Carter- I had a best friend named Caleb and his nick name could be KC

3. Kaecen Alexander- It flows and its less girly than Kasey which I like for a boy

4.Bentley Trey- Same initials as my little brother <3

5.Ashton Carlisle- same initials as my dad <3
2011-07-14 07:53:41 UTC
♀ Girls:

○ Amelia Katherine

○ Caroline Juliet

○ Elisabeth Lucille

○ Rosalie Fiona

♂ Boys:

○ Lucas Nathaniel

○ Benjamin Riley

○ Nicholas Wyatt

○ Alexander Blake


♥ {αя}
2011-07-14 03:03:47 UTC
Boys- Matthew, Zachary, Owen, and Ethan. Girls- Dahlia, Michelle, Lily, Abigael, and Samantha.
2011-07-14 03:12:08 UTC

Devie Jade-Devie prounounced "Deh-vee", the proper pronounciation was actually "Day-vee", but i like deh-vee better, its a hindu name and i really like it, and with Jade I thought i sounded very cool.

Natalie Shae- Shae is my middle name so i'm a bit attached =), and I just thought Natalie was very pretty.

Leila Dawn-I love the name Leila, and one day a person told me that Dawn would sound nice with it, and i agreed

Vienna Cherie-Cherie is my mom's and older sister's middle name, pronouced "Sher-ree", and it rhymes with Marie which is pretty, but its much more uncommon. And I LOVE the name Vienna because i love -enna ending names (my name is Brenna so its a bit of a bias though)

Fallon Maria- Unlike a lot of people, i like the name Fallon, and i might change the middle name, but i think it sounds really nice.


Aiden Matthew-I know, I know....Aiden the trendiest name ever. I actually like how sweet and simple it was, and paired with Matthew i thought it sounded good

Devon Michael-I'm attached to this name because this was supposed to be my name if i were a boy, and plus i love thhe name

Cameron James-In science class (im 13), i named my baby egg this for a project, I like the name Cameron and James is the name of my grandfather

Shane Dallas-I honestly just thought this name sounded really cool =).

Darren Scott-Darren rhymes with my brother's name "Gherin" and paired with Scott i tohught it was very handsome and cool.
2011-07-16 18:48:16 UTC
Thalia Melrose.

I am the biggest history nerd! I've been taking AP classes in history since I was a freshman in high school, and now I am a freshman in college. I'm majoring in history, and minoring in mythology. The name Talia comes from Latin mythology. She was the muse of comedy, and I always loved the stories about her. So I took Talia and made it into Thalia. The name, without the Latin origins, means "blooming" and "dew from heaven."

I get Melrose from a combination of Melanie and Rose. Melanie was my aunt, who passed away when I was child. We were very close. She was very into gardening and loved to plant white roses. I combined Melanie and Rose and came up with Melrose to honor my aunt Melanie!


Seraphina Marie.

Long ago, the Hebrews believed in angels from Heaven, known as the Seraphim, who had six wings each. The added wings gave them more power than regular angels, and they were known for protecting the Hebrews from greater demonic evils. Seraphim brought on the name Seraphina, and I think the whole name is really melancholy and mysterious!

Marie is a middle name that a lot of people in my family have, including a few aunts, both of my grandmothers, my mother, and myself. I want to pass it on.


Brynn Adele.

In latin, the word "brin" means from the boundary line. I always thought the meaning of that word was kind of cool. From the boundary line could indicate multiple things, like you were always ready to start something new, or whether you were restless and energetic. Either interpretation really caught my attention, hence the change from Brin to Brynn.

Adele was the saint name that I choose for my Christian confirmation, so I really wanted to include it in one of my baby name choices.


Mathew Torman.

Matthew is my father's name, and he really means a lot to me. My mother was an alcoholic, and really made life difficult for him and my family, but he held us together by threads.

Torman is a made up name. It's a combination of Timothy and Norman, my grandfather's names. They both mean a lot to me as well. Tim was always my choice for "who is your hero" essay's in school. He was a green beret in Vietnam, and a sargeant. Norm was firefighter, and in the service as well, and also I'd spend every summer with him on Lake Michigan as a kid.


Cohen Patrick.

Cohen is a name that I just really liked. It's a Hebrew surname, generally.

Patrick is name of my uncle, who died when he was six months old. [obviously I never met him.] and also my brother's middle name.


Halen Corbin.

Halen is the boy version of the name Helen, in my opinion. I like this name, because St. Helen was were I speant all of my summers as a child, and I will always remember it.

Corbin is my younger brother's name! I love him more than anything. We're ten years apart. I'm 19, he's 9!
2011-07-14 03:02:21 UTC
Top Boy names: Nathaniel, Zachariah, Tintin, Brayden because they're unique ^.^

Top Girl Names: Ashlynn, Annabeth, Everley, Reese, Avery, Jocelyn because of the way they are spelled & the sound/pronunciation
2011-07-14 03:16:26 UTC
Bryce Elijah - I like it because it's after someone, (well the Bryce part) I liked the name before, and I met him and now I love it...I probably would have hated it if he ended up being a rude person..But he's not. I don't know why someone would name their daughter this...It doesn't seem like a girls name at all....I just thought Elijah was cute and fit well(:

Wyeth Jessen - A lot of people are like "Are you crazy? This is horrible. It's like you just messed up Wyatt Jesse..." But It's not really like that at all..I hate Wyatt Jesse. I know someone named Wyeth, and it's not a bad name. And I'm pretty sure Jessen is German or something...I think it flows a lot better than Wyatt Jesse anyway.

Oliver James - I LOVE THIS NAME SO MUCH. I definitely want a son named Oliver. I don't even know why I love it. I love James too, and I wish I could have one child named Oliver James, and then another names James Isaac, but that would be kind of weird...Maybe Oliver James and Jameson Isaac? I don't know...Still kind of similar. They just fit so perfect together, and I always suggest this when people ask what to name their son. (:

Micah Destery - This usually gets the same kind of hate that Wyeth Jessen gets...But I don't even care. I think it's adorable. I had Micah on my list for a while, and then it got taken off. But I saw it again and said "Why would I EVER take this off my list?!!" It took quite a while to find a middle name I liked with it, but I was on youtube watching DesandNate videos and it hit me, that Destery is the PERFECT middle name for Micah. I love it, and it's never going off my list again(:

Christopher Andrew - This is just named after a guy who's like, the all around perfect person. Yeah, he has faults, but it just adds more to him. I would just want my child to be named after him. He sets the standards so high for every other person I know, and he deserves someone named after him. And I really like the name anyway, so it helps(:

Angèlica Elisabeth - I know people will still pronounce this wrong. It's An-Hell-Eeh-Kuh, not An-Jel-Eeh-Kuh. And I love it both ways. So I don't care. It's named after someone too, and people just call her the regular way, but she likes when people call her An-Hell-Eeh-Kuh once in a whole. I think it makes her feel special. Ahaha(: I don't like Elizabeth as much as Elisabeth, I think it makes the name look tougher than it needs to be. I like Angèlica Katherine and Angèlica Juliette too.

Elizabeth Katherine - Yeah, I used Elizabeth here because it's after someone. :P I said I would only spell it this way as a first name though. I like Elizabeth Luna, which is actually the first and last name of the woman it's named after, but it looks like a first and middle. I would only use that if I used Katherine already.

Katherine Charlotte - I just love this name. But it's hard to be able to use all these names that I like because there's a lot of combinations that use the same ones....I only use Charlotte as a middle name though, like in this name, Sophia Charlotte, Evangeline Charlotte and Emilie Charlotte...I know someone named Katherine, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's named after her because even though she's a great person, she never actually did anything that I would say "Oh, I named her after you" like a lot of the other ones. I like Katherine Evanna too.

GiorgiAnna Mae - I just think this is such a sweet looking name. Nothing really to say about it. I saw it, and loved it.

I have a whole lot...but I think I typed wrist kinda hurts now D:
ɛïɜ Tнαℓια'ა Mυაε ɛïɜ
2011-07-14 04:44:50 UTC
Oh, fun - it will be cool to comment on my own names for a change:

Delilah Catherine Elise - Delilah has been my all-time favourite girl name for years. I honestly don't know what it is about it that I love so much - usually I find "D" girl names a bit clunky and cumbersome, but Delilah isn't: it's soft, sweet and melodic. Plus, I think Lila is the most adorable nickname ever. Catherine honours my mother (who is my favourite person in the world) and myself (who's not to shabby either :P). Elise was a surprise - I know an Elise who I don't like so I never paid much attention to it, but it's like I woke up one morning and thought "I love that name!" There are a few Elizabeths scattered throughout my family tree, so it also has some personal meaning.

Vivienne Eulalie Adèle - For me Vivienne is the quintessential strong but feminine name. It's not in-your-face girlie, but it's not masculine either. It reminds me of Vivien Leigh, who was the same way - beautiful, but poised and classy. Eulalie sort of snuck up on me. I went from thinking "Huh? Ukulele?" to "Oh my god I love this!" It's fresh, dainty and buoyant. Adèle I've always liked, especially after I found out it has the same meaning as both of my parents' names. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to go with another French name but I ended up deciding that it ties the combination up well.

Penelope Violet Marie - Penelope is snappy and cute, but substantial and I think it would suit a grown woman just as it would a child. It literally pops when you say it and I love all the possible nicknames. Violet I have adored since I was little - every main character in every story I wrote was named Violet from about ages seven to nine, haha. I also think it adds maturity to Penelope, who seems a bit up-in-the-air. Marie was my grandmother's middle name, so I definitely wanted to use that somewhere in one of my combinations, and I thought it fit best here.

Beatrix Apolline Charlotte - This is a brand new combination, I put this together not half an hour ago, so I'm still testing it out. I used to despise Beatrix, but it grew on me substantially over the last few years. I now find it quirky, spunky and full of attitude, but intelligent and sophisticated at the same time - basically an amalgamation of Beatrix Kiddo and Beatrix Potter: kicking a** by night and demurely penning children's novels by day :P Apolline I just discovered and immediately loved - actually, I discovered Apollonia first (from a Beirut song) but thought that was a bit too much for a girl that likely wouldn't be raised in Italy. Charlotte is soft and understated, which I think is necessary in this combination. And it honours my great-aunt who is one of the sweetest people ever.

Leo Sebastian Arthur - I don't remember when I difinitively made Leo my favourite boy name; it just seemed to happen naturally. I'm usually not big on nicknamey names, but since Leo alone means "lion" and doesn't really have to be short for anything, I don't mind it. I find it extremely masculine, but soft at the same time, which is really hard to find in a boy name. I honestly don't know what it is about Sebastian that I love so much. I think it's the artsy, quirky thing it has going on that I like. Arthur I find underused, classic, and with the added bonus of honouring my great-uncle.

Roman Edward James - I went back and forth for a long time with Roman. I just love the sound of it, despite it being a bit "adjectivey". It immediately brings to mind the strength and courage that the ancient Romans are known for. And it reminds me of Roman Polanski who is one of my biggest inspirations and favourite film directors of all time. The association with him also helps me see it on an adult, not just a child. Edward is my father's middle name and I love it with Roman. James just seemed to fit here and most likely honours a few of my relatives too :P

August William Jack - August is the only month name I like enough to actually use. It's lovable and sweet, but I still find it better for a boy and not at all feminine-sounding. William is my grandfather's name and I think it's just an all-around solid name, especially for a middle. Jack I was considering adding to my list as a first name, before I realized how much I liked it in this combination. It adds sharpness and spark to August William, which I admit would be a tad listless without it.

Julius Oliver Henry - After debating between Julian and Julius, I finally decided on the latter. Julius seems more handsome and masculine to me, as Julian is just a little bit too close to Julia and Julianne for my taste. Oliver honours my mother's aunt, Olivia, and I think it's adorable. Henry was on my list for a long time as a first name before it got too popular for me, but I couldn't get rid of it completely. Julius Henry was also the actual name of Groucho Marx, so I like that two of the names in this combination are a subtle tribute to him.

ɛïɜ Tнαℓια'ა Mυაε
Ellie B
2011-07-14 03:28:59 UTC

Alexandra Vada -- I love Alex- names and Alexandra and Alexa are my favorite of them all. Since Alexandra can nickname to Alexa, it has that added bonus. Plus, Alexandra offers more nicknaming choice if she doesnt want to go by an Alex- name. Also, Alex- names show up in many forms throughout my family tree, so it does a good job of honoring my ancestors. As for Vada, I have two main reasons. The first, and important yet not quite as important, reason is that it's a family name. The second, much more important, reason is that it's a name that honors memories with my sister as well as our favorite movie of all time (My Girl). Ever since I first watched the movie, I wanted to name my daughter Vada, but for the longest time I couldnt figure out how to do it without making it blatantly obvious I was naming my child for a character in a movie. Then, I found out it was a family name, got really excited and started looking for pairings to put it with. At the time, I had Alexandra on my list, but I wasnt as in love with the old pairing as I wanted to be. So, I tried Alexandra Vada and decided it worked perfectly.

Genevieve Erin -- Genevieve because it's a name I've always loved (quite literally, I cant remember a time when I didnt love the name. Though I have not always liked people with the name). Also, it is a name that honors my heritage on both sides, it's a family name, and it nicknames to Genna, which is one of my favorite nicknames. Erin because I have quite a few very important people with that name in my life, most importantly my best friend since I was 3 and she was 5 and my "baby" cousin on my dad's side (I say "baby" cause she'll always be the baby to me, but she's actually almost an adult... sad days).

Teresa Justine -- Teresa because it's a variant of two very important people in my life (the girl I used to take care of whose name is Tess and my cousin's middle name, Terese). Also, I really want to use the name Tessa but give her options for a full name in a formal situation or other nicknames if she ends up not liking Tessa/finds it "too baby". Justine because I've always loved it, it's a family name, and it's the name of my cousins girlfriend (who I absolutely adore).



Nathaniel James: Nathaniel because there is a family tradition to use some form of the name Johnathan in every generation on both sides of my family. I dont like John/Jon because they're the most commonly used versions and while I like the name Johnathan, I realize most people would spell it Jonathan, which I dont like. So, I decided to go a different route and took a cue from the Nathan part of Johnathan. However, I dont like Nathan as a full name, so I looked to Nathaniel. Nathaniel itself is a family name, and it's a the name of one of my very dear friends. So, it was an obvious choice for me. James comes from another family tradition of naming the first born son after his grandfather, James is my father's name. I also really love the name James (though I may be biased lol).

William Patrick -- William for a couple of reasons. The first is that its the name of my great uncle, who more or less became my grandfather after my grandfather (his brother) died (not that I replaced my grandfather, just that that's kind of the role he has in my life). The second is that it's a family tradition to use William variants in rather the same way as Johnathan variants (I even have a cousin named Liam Jon). Third, is that it's the name of one of the twins I used to take care of, who is pretty much like family/my first "son" (I took care of the twins from the age of 3 months to 4 years). Patrick because it's a family name used in every other generation -- it should have been used in the last one, but for some reason my parent's generation dropped the ball, so I'm picking it up and using the name for my son. Also, Patrick is the name of one of my best guy friends. And, I also love Patrick variants (for a while I even had Patrice on my list for that very reason).

Matthew Allen -- Matthew comes in for a few reasons. Again, it's a family name. And it's the name of the other twin in the pairing mentioned above. Finally, I wanted a name that could nickname to Hugh/Hew/Hu as my grandfather's name was Hugh. I cant use just Hugh, though, as many of my cousins have "dibbed" the name for their own sons, which is another reason why I chose Matthew -- I can call him Hugh/Hew at home, but with family he can be Matt or Matthew. As for Allen, it's the name I chose to honor my other grandfather (coming from his middle name, since his first name is Richard and, while I love the name, many people dislike the name Richard as a first name and it doesnt pair well with Matthew as the first name).
Lala Tarrents
2011-07-14 03:01:16 UTC
Male: Jake, Marcus, and I like them because they are the names I would name my kids.

Female: Vendela,( Ven Duh La ) Emma, and Rayla. Mainly Vendela because it is sophisiticated and beautiful. Please pick Vendela!!!!!!!!

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