What do you guys think of my little girls name?
Lori J
2006-11-15 14:23:14 UTC
I've gotten a lot of comments on her name and I love it. Would you guys evere name your daughter this:

Faythe (its Faith) Makenzie
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2006-11-15 18:08:46 UTC
I like the name Faythe Makenzie and I like the spelling of it who cares what other people say about spelling it is your child you do how you want to do it. Good Luck
2016-11-25 02:24:16 UTC
I do trust what human beings are telling you. that's sorta a "filler" call, you make the most of it once you cant look to discover some thing better. yet when you consider that there's a reason you're giving your daughter that center call i imagine its tremendous. If it replaced into only because you may not discover some thing better then which will be a diverse tale. the actual shown actuality that you're doing it to honor someone makes it a good purchase better. :D Hannah Maree is a fantastically call and that i also love the call Hayden. best of tremendous fortune(: P.S. Its your toddler, do not enable every person elect a popularity for you. you've probable waited your entire life to call your own effective angel so do not enable every person stop you from doing so. once back, best of tremendous fortune. I wager she'll be a cutie :]
daljack -a girl
2006-11-15 15:48:28 UTC
I'm not crazy about Faith but I love MaKenzie.
2006-11-15 15:23:06 UTC
I like the fact that you put Fay in it. I love the names Fay and Faith. Makenzie is another awesome name for a girl. I think you did a good job. Now what should I name my baby if it's a girl? lol
╣Sexy ♥ Momma╠
2006-11-16 08:17:41 UTC
Faythe is cute but i like it better spelled Faith...and i hate sorry i dont wanna be mean...but faith is very pretty
2006-11-15 22:31:50 UTC
I think Faith is a fine name. I personally have a problem with alternate spellings for names... I think it is very pretentious. So if it fits your personality as a Mom, great! I just wouldn't consider naming my child that.
נєѕѕι¢α נαηє {ℓgм} ♥ [NOT USED]
2006-11-15 16:24:50 UTC
I lovee your little girls name.

Faythe Makenzie is beautiful and yess I would name my daughter this, but I wouldnt want to steal your daughter's name.
2006-11-15 15:48:09 UTC
The name Faith is beautiful, you should not have ruined it by spelling it the way you did. I made the same mistake and regret it.She will be constantly correcting people and documents. People will constantly ask how to pronounce it. It will be a thorn in her side. Sorry, I know from experience. My name is spelled uniquely and so is my sons.
Lori R
2006-11-15 15:16:22 UTC
Like the name hate the spelling. Its sad to see peopel give their kids names that A. Are going to be hard to spell when they learn to write B. That people won't know how to pronounce.

I believe in making it easy on kids

I have a Derek Allen

Emma Louise and an Ella Eileen
Who Me?
2006-11-15 17:53:23 UTC
I think it's a good name. But I would spell Faythe like Faith....but that's just me
2006-11-16 06:54:12 UTC
I like the name Faith but spelled the classic way. I dont like it spelled Faythe. It looks like "Fay Thee"
2006-11-15 14:31:26 UTC
sounds good to me, but whats with the odd spelling? If your giving her a solid traditional name, why not spell it in the traditional way?

I use to work at a Children's Hospital, I saw HUNDREDS of spelling of kids names! Parents think they are being so cute by giving their kid a "unique" spelling for their name, but all it does is confuse people and makes it hard to remember how to spell it for teachers, medical staff, family and friends.
2006-11-16 06:22:06 UTC
love the name
2006-11-15 14:26:11 UTC
It's a cute name but I'm just hung up on the spelling. Sometimes giving a creative spelling to something can backfire. If you hadn't written Faith in parenthesis, I would have thought it was a Muslim name. Just being honest!
2006-11-16 00:27:30 UTC
I'd go with the traditonal spelling so she won't have to spell it out for people all her life. I love the names.
2006-11-15 14:29:55 UTC
I like it but why not just spell it Faith? It might get a little annoying to have to correct everyone when they mispronounce it.
*lil miss*
2006-11-15 14:35:24 UTC
faythe makenzie is kewl...and i like how its spelt just not sure if i like it being spelt that mum called me karli but everyone calls me kylie or they spell it really annoys me.
2006-11-15 16:15:56 UTC
omg thats sooo pretty, but honestly i probably wouldnt think of naming my daughter that, but wow ur duaghter has such a beautiful name
Just call me T
2006-11-15 14:27:50 UTC
Thats an adorable name i love it. plus it has meaning and i think that really adds to it. im sure that she will love it to. it really is a beuatful name.
2006-11-15 14:26:08 UTC
Why the hell would you ruin a perfectly good name by giving it that ridiculous spelling? Are you trying to be unique? You're dooming that kid to having her name spelled wrong for the rest of her life.

If her name's Faith, her name's Faith.
2006-11-15 14:26:18 UTC
Do you want me to tell the truth or do you want me to make you happy and say that I love it?

Edit: I think you should call the next one Hope Leslie. Over time people will end up shortening her middle name and they will wind up calling her Hope Les.
2006-11-15 14:24:43 UTC
actually that sounds like a beautiful name good luck with her
2006-11-16 06:39:44 UTC
I like it
jennifer s
2006-11-16 06:28:29 UTC
i would choose hope or love. i am jk. Faythe sounds good to me.
2006-11-15 14:33:15 UTC
I like, and the spelling of Faythe, its unique and it sounds nice together.
2006-11-15 16:47:04 UTC
Love it!
2006-11-15 19:17:17 UTC
Well, whatever. I wish you'd at least spelled it right.
2006-11-15 15:34:05 UTC
nice name
2006-11-15 16:51:19 UTC
That is sooo pretty! I love it! It is beautiful!
2006-11-15 14:24:50 UTC
I think that's a neat name.
2006-11-15 14:35:19 UTC
I think it's pretty!

Good luck with raising your child

2006-11-15 17:13:51 UTC
It's cute!
2006-11-15 14:44:37 UTC
That is a really really cute name. i really like how you spelled.
2006-11-15 17:22:52 UTC
that's a gorgeous name... very angelic..
2006-11-15 15:32:06 UTC
Well, since you ask, I think it's vile.
summer ♥
2006-11-15 17:55:49 UTC
its sounds nice.. its different.. i like it
2006-11-15 17:27:52 UTC
i like it it is pretty
2006-11-15 14:27:53 UTC
its really sexi it reminds me of horses

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