What do you think of this name???
Daddy's Girl
2006-11-15 19:39:08 UTC
The name is Bethany.Tell me if you like it.And if you know what it means.
42 answers:
2006-11-15 19:42:48 UTC
i think its a cute name and the meaning for it is: Means "house of figs" in Hebrew, from a biblical place name. In the New Testament Bethany was the town where Lazarus lived.
2006-11-19 15:23:56 UTC
I love it, thats my first daughter's name and I love it so much I considered naming my second the same, just joking I did say I would though, instead my second's is Trinity Faith. Bethany means God's messenger. I think, I'm pretty sure. You can go to and it will say. NOBODY calls her Beth. I got this meaning out of one of those little names books at the walmart check out.

Also since names tell you alot about the personality, she is very sweet and caring for everyone. Very gentle w/ infants and pets. Loves to pray, dance, and sing. She is almost three and she is like the perfect kid for anyone. Our second totally different!
2006-11-15 19:54:15 UTC
I think it's a very cute name. but it's up to the parents to decide. The question is do YOU like it? =)

Bethany was a New Testament village near Jerusalem where Jesus visited Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Frequently used as a first name in the 20th century.

Another meaning is also "House of Figs"
2006-11-16 09:44:54 UTC
Bethany is a nice name. It means "house of figs" in Hebrew, from a biblical place name. In the New Testament Bethany was the town where Lazarus lived.
chenelle o
2006-11-15 19:52:57 UTC
Well I looked it up and it said Beth meant an oath of god, and bethany meant place of figs: near jeruselem. It's a good name uncommon which is good seeing how there was a hurricane the same name i chose for my daughter and name boom of Emily i still choose it though because of family value and sheer love of the name oh by her middle name is grace which is pretty popular too. Choose something you love and stick with it. We also loved the names hannah, evelyn , adeline, liliana and cadence. Just to give you a few other choices
2006-11-15 19:52:20 UTC
I have always liked this name. I only knew one Bethany growing up. But That person and all the other Bethany's that I've heard about were nice and the name was always a good memory for me.
Beth M
2006-11-18 20:56:16 UTC
My name is Beth -- and I have never liked my name much. But, I like Bethany okay. I guess it is kind of pretty. I like Sarabeth. I think that is a cool name. Beth alone is too short (monosyllabic). And when I was young my first, middle, and last names had only one syllable each....and I hated it.

Names are so hard. I think Beth means House of God.
2006-11-15 19:49:04 UTC
If you want your child to reminded of an neighborhoor or a circumference for the opeing of many things. The actual meaning the word Bethany is a place on east Jordan River and the place of Lazarus.
2006-11-16 12:58:48 UTC
My sisters name is Bethani its not very common and it is spelled different let me look up the meaning really fast if your a christian like my mother it could b biblical or it means "house of figs"
2006-11-15 19:41:07 UTC
It refers to the name of a Biblical town, which means something to do with figs. I like it.
Richo Fev
2006-11-15 21:43:23 UTC
I dont know what it means but I really like it. My friends have a girl called Bethany. My wife hates it though!
2006-11-16 06:51:10 UTC
I don't know the meaning, but I LOVE the name!
Who Me?
2006-11-15 21:32:29 UTC
My sis is named Bethany, I like it. You can go to and find the meaning, by clicking on their baby name link.

2006-11-19 16:50:31 UTC
I love that name. I have a friend named Bethany, and her mom calls her Bethy for short.
George K
2006-11-19 16:19:53 UTC
It means first born,and its a good name.
2006-11-15 19:40:50 UTC
I love the name but I don't know what it means. Very pretty though!
2006-11-18 19:56:32 UTC
I like Ashley Jane better, AJ for short
Amber skie (22/f/ca)
2006-11-15 20:17:07 UTC
It's a nice name. I'd probably name my kid that, though it can get old rather quickly. If I have a boy later, I'll name him Garret.
2006-11-15 19:43:08 UTC
It means house of figs,

and yes i think its a VERY cute name.
2006-11-19 15:35:40 UTC
it is very pretty and the name means a house of figs
2006-11-15 22:19:59 UTC
I like Bethany a lot, always have. It would be a good middle name too. Here are different spellings for it . . .









2006-11-15 20:43:44 UTC
It's a beautiful name i dont know what it means though.
2006-11-16 02:54:33 UTC
I believe it means "life town" or "fig house" ... Life town b/c of the bibical part. and fig house.. no clue?

Very cute name though!
2006-11-18 14:08:09 UTC
i knew a girl in school whose name was bethany..i thought she was i like it..its a very pretty name.what about middle names?
2006-11-17 10:24:05 UTC
I like Bethany. I don't know what it means.
2006-11-19 17:41:34 UTC
nice name. go to and type in the name. if its there you will find the pronounciation, origin and meaning
2006-11-16 06:16:48 UTC
I don't like the name Beth and, that's probably what she'll end up being nicknamed.
2006-11-15 19:41:39 UTC
its a pretty good name but i have no idea what it means
I know, I know!!!!
2006-11-15 19:41:03 UTC
i dont know what it means but i like it alot. my daughters middle name is Beth.
2006-11-15 19:54:11 UTC
good name
2006-11-15 19:53:49 UTC
pretty name, don't know meaning, but is Biblical
book lover
2006-11-16 06:08:15 UTC
idon't like it. it reminds me of the name of some preppy cheerleader type
2006-11-15 22:00:57 UTC
to tell ya the truth i dont really like it, but thats just my opinion
2006-11-15 19:41:05 UTC

has what they mean and a rating of each name

i like it :)
2006-11-15 20:11:59 UTC
i like it a lot - sorry i don't know what it means.
2006-11-16 05:59:18 UTC
Very cute indeed.
2006-11-16 09:00:01 UTC
It's cute.
Donnie Darko (Morbid Thoughts)
2006-11-15 20:41:12 UTC
I prefer Stephanie for some reason.
2006-11-15 20:43:35 UTC
I do not like that name at all. Especially because it will always be shortened to Beth...gross.
2006-11-15 19:55:54 UTC
this name is adorable!
2006-11-16 06:23:30 UTC this is what it means its ok
2006-11-15 20:36:59 UTC
Yuck! I wouldn't want that to be my name! But, hey, whatever you think is pretty.........

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